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With more people shopping online and looking for virtual ways to connect with others, teakah is an amazing website that can combine Free eGreetings and eGifts cards. eGift cards are traditionally a highly-requested gift during the holidays and what makes Teakah unique is it gives freedom to recipients to choose eGift cards that they want. This provides new options for people wanting to give a more personal but flexible gift. Among the newest e-gift options are multi-store cards featuring an assortment of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options on a single card providing recipients more freedom to choose where to spend their gift. To provide an even more personal experience to giving gift cards this holiday season, each is tailored to a specific occasion, recipient, or special cause. The following new e-gifts and e-greetings can be purchased at Teakah and delivered digitally without any fees: Our eGreeting cards line has great theme choices: Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday, Thank you, and many others. Each recipient that got a Teakah eGreeting card can choose to redeem several top brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Apple iTunes, GameStop, Chili's, Steam, and many other options. A recent study shows that surveyed consumers plan to do at least 60% of their holiday shopping online this season, which is a 42% increase in reported online shopping compared to last year. What's more, 80% of surveyed shoppers report they are likely to buy more e-gift and e-greeting cards this holiday season than in previous years, with 61% saying they are more likely to specifically purchase e-gifts and e-greetings that can be bought and delivered electronically Whether you're looking to shop early or need a last-minute gift, any of these new egifts and Free eGreeatings are wonderful options that can be delivered to a family member or friend quickly or on a specific pre-scheduled date. to $500. eCards used for online redemption, making them a wonderful gift of choice for both the contributor and receiver.


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