How to Drive Customer Loyalty in the Automotive Industry

Do you have an automotive sales and service business? If so, you know how much it costs to acquire new customers through marketing and advertising. That's why you consider investing more in customer retention programs. In this post, we're going to look at how successful businesses in the automotive industry increase customer loyalty, retention, and referrals.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Most major automotive dealerships use customer satisfaction surveys to learn more about their customer's experience with the dealership's sales and service processes. Survey responses allow dealerships to identify strengths that deserve praise and weaknesses that need improvement.

If your automotive business already uses customer satisfaction surveys, but you struggle to get enough responses to make a difference, incentives can help. Incentives are proven to increase response rates and improve the quality of your survey or research campaign.

Vehicle Trade-In Deals

Vehicles are kept, on average, for six years, according to AutoTrader. Dealerships can offer trade-in deals to encourage customers who have purchased a vehicle in the past to return and purchase or lease a new vehicle.

Complimentary & Discounted Maintenance

Complimentary maintenance allows dealerships to keep in contact with new car buyers over the first few years they own their cars. Offering discounted maintenance packages once complimentary maintenance has expired will allow dealerships to continue their relationship with the car buyer and ultimately give them a chance to upsell additional services or trade-in their vehicle. You can even offer customers with older cars waiting in your service department's lounge a free test drive while they wait.

Customer Referral Programs

Want to turn your customers into your dealership's brand ambassadors? Reward the customers who want to send new business your way by offering incentives like cash or gift cards for customer referrals. In addition to offering your customer the reward, you can offer their referral quality care and service as a preferred customer. 

Customer referral programs can be handled with customized referral business cards for your sales staff or using online tracking codes. Either way, incentives will put your dealership at the top of your customer's mind when friends or family ask them for their thoughts on where to go to buy a new car.

Staying In Touch

In addition to connecting with car buyers in your service department, you can stay in customer's minds through your dealership's content, social media updates, and email newsletter. Continue sending your customers valuable information about their vehicle over the years and, when they are ready to make a new purchase, they are more likely to return to your dealership.

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