How to Involve Fans and Customers to Improve Sales

Are you interested in improving your sales tactics and strategies? If so, then look no further than your base of current customers and fans. They are the key to learning what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to your sales scripts and processes. In this post, we're going to look at a few ways you can use your fans customers to improve sales, tactics, and strategies for your business.

Get to know your fans common interests.

Do your fans like cats or dogs? Zombies or vampires? Light or dark colors? Particular websites or TV shows? Your fans speak a certain language based on their demographics, their interests, and how they will use your product or service. Once you can understand their language, you can personalize sales presentations, commercials, email messages, and direct mail to connect, engage, and build a relationship with your fans. A relationship that should ultimately result in converting the right fans into customers.

Get your fans feedback about new product concepts.

One way to get an insight into the potential demand for a new product or service is to ask fans on social media about it. Can you get your fans excited about this new idea? If you can, then you can solicit feedback from them about what they like most or least about the new idea. This will not only help you create a product or service that will sell based on your potential customers wants and needs, but it will also help you know which features of the product or service to highlight, based on what fans liked the most about your new idea.

Get your subscribers feedback about a new pitch.

Fans and customers who have subscribed to your business's email list are interested in what your business has to offer. Subscribers are the perfect base to reach out to when you want to get feedback about a new pitch, whether it is in the form of a new commercial, YouTube video, podcast advertorial, or Powerpoint. You can increase the response rate by giving subscribers who offer feedback about your new sales pitch a gift card for their time.
As an added bonus, if you confident in your pitch's ability to sell, even if it's not 100% refined, you will also be incentivizing potential customer's exposure to a new sales pitch that could result into early sales of your product or service. Look at the investment in incentives as a way to improve your sales pitch and convert existing subscribers into first-time customers.

Get your customers feedback about their buyer experience.

Whether your customer makes a purchase online through your website, after a series of direct emails or calls with a salesperson, or in person, you need to know how they felt about their experience in detail in order to improve your existing sales processes. Think about all of the applicable steps in your business's sales process to see what you need to ask your customers about.
  • Did your customer start the sales process by submitting a form on your website? 
  • Did your customer navigate an automated system when calling for a salesperson? 
  • Did your customer talk to you by email, by phone, or in person? 
  • Did your customer work with someone else to complete the sale?
  • Did your customer use an online shopping cart to make their purchase?
If you can find the strengths and weaknesses in your sales process, you can work towards turning your weaknesses into strengths, improving your customer's experience, increase customer retention, and increase the chance of them referring your business to others.

Get your customers to refer your business to others.

If you know which customers had an excellent experience with your business, you can ask them to refer your business to others with or without incentives. Offering incentives for customer referrals will increase the likelihood that you generate sales via this method of sales promotion. Automotive dealerships, for example, know that incentive-based referrals drive new customers to their peak-performing sales people. Thousands of online retailers like Amazon and online service providers use affiliate programs to give commission to people who can generate online sales via personalized links. Hence, referrals with the promise of reward (incentives, commissions, etc.) are proven to work in most industries, online and offline.

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