How to Improve Local Reviews with Customer Feedback Surveys

If you have a local business, chances are you know the value of getting five-star ratings and comments on your Facebook Page and on local business directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor, DealerRater, and similar, based on your type of business. Ratings from these networks go beyond the directories themselves, also appearing in Google search results, meaning that they have the power to make a lasting impression on potential local customers. In this post, we're going to look at how you can improve your local business reviews with customer feedback surveys.

Show Your Customers You Care About Their Thoughts

Allowing your customers to share their thoughts about their shopping and customer service experience in a customer feedback survey within 24 hours of their encounter with your business will help you get the best insights possible. If they know they are going to get this opportunity, not only will they feel like their opinion matters, but they may also save their criticisms for your survey instead of Yelp.

Find Out Which Areas of Customer Service Your Business Needs to Improve 

Once you start receiving responses to your customer feedback surveys, you will start to see what areas of your business shine when it comes to customer service, and what areas need improvement. The faster you can improve upon these areas, the sooner you can expect to start seeing better local reviews for your business. It may be as simple as offering a refresher training for your customers service team or sales department to remind them how their performance ultimately affects your business's bottom line - and how to improve it to benefit colleagues and customers alike.

Ask Customers Who Submit Feedback to Review Your Business

In addition to offering an incentive to customers who complete your customer feedback survey, you can personally thank customers who send you their thoughts in an email. In that email, you can also ask if they want to share their thoughts with their local community, friends, and family by submitting it to the local business directory of your choice. 
Not sure which local business directory to send your customers to? Here's a quick way to pick the top listings for your business to direct reviewers. Start with a Google search for your business. The local business directories on the first page - particularly within the first five - should get most of your attention. Also let customers know how to review your business directly on Google, since that rating typically shows up first in search results. 

Use Incentive to Increase Response Rates and Quality

If you're sending out customer feedback surveys, but not getting enough responses, incentives can help. Offering customers an incentive, such as an online gift card to their favorite store, in exchange for a few moments of their time will encourage more of them to open and respond to your surveys with valuable feedback for your business.
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