Lead Generation 101 for Real Estate Agents - How to Find Qualified Home Buyers Online

Are you a real estate agent who wants to sell more homes? There are lots of ways to find potential home buyers for your listings online using proven lead generation tactics. In this post, we're going to share what real estate agents need to know about lead generation to fill their contact list with the qualified home buyers.

5 Easy Ways to Capture Leads Online

To generate leads online, you will want to utilize a variety of contact options throughout the web. While it may seem a bit over the top at first, it's important to realize that each home buyer is different, and thus, each will have a platform of choice when it comes to finding a real estate agent or shopping for a new home. By doing the following, you will increase your odds of getting your information in front of the right buyers at the right time.

#1: Add a Contact Form to Your Website

In addition to giving potential home buyers your office phone number, physical address, email, and hours, be sure to also give them the option to contact you through an online form. Buyers who prefer online shopping may find your contact information, but may not be ready to chat on the phone, leave a voicemail, or set up an appointment. Allowing them to submit their information to you online lets them do their online home shopping quickly and efficiently - and it also gives you time to prepare your introductory call to them.

#2: Offer a Free Guide

Offering a free, downloadable guide or checklist for home buyers, such as a guide to buying your first home or a guide to the best schools in your area will allow you to capture the leads who may be considering a new home, but not ready to buy just yet. They're the people who won't fill out your contact form, but would be interested in learning more everything involved in home buying process. The guide will give you the chance to demonstrate your expertise as a real estate agent while allowing you to build your contact list.

#3: Customize Your Facebook Page Call to Action

Facebook allows real estate agents to create business pages to connect with potential home buyers on the top social networking site. Facebook page owners can utilize free features such as getting private messages from potential home buyers through Messenger and creating a call to action button that links potential home buyers to your website's contact form or appointment calendar.

#4: Create Listings on Top Home Marketplaces

Most home buyers use networks like Zillow, Trulia, and similar to find homes for sale in the area they want to move. If you don't have listings on these marketplaces already, create them and keep them updated. You can also look into advertising options that will put your listings in front of more potential home buyers, targeted to meet your criteria.

#5: Create Listings on Local Business Directories

While not as popular as the home marketplaces, local business directories like Yelp and Angie's List allow people to contact real estate agents directly on their network. One interesting feature Yelp offers advertisers is the ability for a potential home buyer or seller to send a message to multiple real estate agents at once. This means you may get qualified leads generated from other real estate agent's Yelp pages!

How to Qualify and Nurture Your Online Leads

Collecting leads is half the battle of lead generation. The other half is qualifying and nurturing them. Fortunately, the qualification and nurturing process can be one in the same. According to HubSpot, the most effective ways to nurture a lead include utilizing multiple channels, sending personalized emails, scoring your leads based on specific criteria, and sending targeted content.

So let's say that you received an online lead from any of the sources mentioned earlier. If you want to learn more about them, you could send them a lead qualification survey that asks them the questions that will determine how soon and likely they are to buy a home. To ensure that your leads respond, you can incentive your survey with an online gift card to the potential home buyer's favorite store.
The result? You will connect with your leads using another channel, you will show your leads how much you already value them, and you will learn exactly what they want to buy so that your next message to them targeted contact, such as your current home listings that match their budget, desired neighborhood, and personality.

Want to try qualifying your next online lead with an incentivized survey? Get started with your free Teakah account today!