5 Reasons for Recruiters and Headhunters to Use Incentives for Talent Acquisition

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Are you trying to get job openings filled for your clients? While you may be able to find potential candidates on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can't assume their profiles are up to date. That's why it's imperative to pre-screen and interview the potential candidates in your contact list to ensure the perfect fit for your clients. In this post, we're going to share five important reasons why you should use online gift cards for pre-screening talent.

1. The top ten roles employers have a hard time filling are... (Manpower Group)

According to ManpowerGroup's Talent Shortage Survey, the top ten roles employers have a hard time filling - and retaining - are skilled trades, technicians, sales, accounting & finance, production, IT, engineers, drivers, management, and office support. Chances are, if you have a list of available talent that can fit into these roles, you can help fill the most common open vacancies for your clients.

2. 30% of employers cited lack of skills as the reason job positions aren't being filled. (Manpower Group)

Another reason to pre-screen your available talent? Almost a third of employers found that they couldn't fill their job vacancies because candidates were missing the hard or soft skills required to fill the position. To give your candidates a great experience that ultimately would lead them to accepting a job offer with one of your clients, use pre-screening to ensure candidates you send to your clients are properly qualified.

3. The average vacancy costs 500 dollars per position per day, a loss of $22,000 per position over the average period of 44 calendar days. (CEB)

Why do employers pay to recruit or hunt for talent? Each day that major companies are without key players is a day the company loses revenue, based on the responsibilities of each vacant job role. According to CEB's Global Talent Trends Q2 2016 Survey, the average vacancy costs $500 per position, per day. The longer it takes to find and train new talent, the more costly.This is why employers look to recruiters and headhunters. Those that have pre-screened available talent lists will be able to quickly fill roles, shortening the time that clients lose revenue without key talent.

4. 27% of employers in the US reported the cost of a single bad hire as over $50,000. (CareerBuilder)

No one wants to rush through the hiring process, as mistakes in HR decisions can be expensive. The cost of a bad hire varies based on the position they were trying to fill and the problems they caused based on their lack of qualifications. If you want to continue recruiting or headhunting for your top clients, don't be the professional who recruited a costly bad hire by pre-screening your talent.

5. Incentives increase response rate for surveys. (American Statistical Association)

The average response rate for surveys is between 10% - 24.5%. Fortunately, incentives can help you get more responses. The American Statistical Association - the world's largest community of statisticians -  issued a statement about the use of incentives for surveys, questionnaires, and feedback. Their  conclusion? Incentives increased the response rate for surveys. The investment in incentives for survey respondents had a positive return on investment as they reduce the time businesses spend chasing after answers from survey recipients.

For recruiters and headhunters, the use of incentives - such as online gift cards from the top brands - means that pre-screening requests are answered more often by potential talent. With a list of pre-screened, engaged talent on your mailing list, you have a better chance of filling your client's job openings quickly and, most importantly, with the most qualified candidate for the position.

In Conclusion

Recruiters and headhunters can use incentivized surveys to pre-screen potential job candidates for clients and to get evaluations of their performance from the talent. Learn more about how Teakah can help you reward the talent that could fill your client's future job vacancies.


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