Welcome to Teakah - Online Gift Cards for Feedback

Our goal is to help businesses create better customer experiences, marketing messages, sales presentations, products, and services using insights gained from incentivized surveys and research.

Teakah is an online service for incentive-based marketing. Businesses use Teakah to give people rewards for reading and responding to survey and research initiatives when they need to:
  • Improve sales and service with customer feedback. 
  • Nurture qualified leads. 
  • Fill job positions with qualified candidates. 
  • Refine marketing messages before using them to attract customers. 
  • Fine-tune sales presentations before using them to make sales. 
  • Test videos with real audiences before using them in paid ad campaigns. 
We make it easy for businesses to increase response rates to surveys and questionnaires with incentives. Simply enter the recipient, craft a message, build your survey, link to any media needed to answer questions (such as a private YouTube video or ad samples), and specify the reward amount. Teakah will send out your survey, collect the answers, compile the results, and allow survey participants to choose their reward from our online gift card library.

We designed Teakah for small business owners and professional service providers who want to leverage the latest technology to gain a competitive advantage. These include, but are not limited to:
Our all-in-one platform makes it easy for small businesses and service professionals to incorporate the same incentivized marketing and research tactics Fortune 500 companies use to improve customer acquisition and retention, nurture qualified contacts, and strengthen the most profitable business relationships.

Get started with Teakah: www.teakah.com